Okay, so you want to start building out a minimalist wardrobe, invest in slow fashion, and purchase quality garments.
But where do you start?
For those looking to ease into this lifestyle, starting with your closet is the simplest way to go. Becoming more conscious of how your spending habits will automatically dispel clutter from your closet and your life.
Build out a conscious closet by taking inventory of what you already have. Figure out what you love dearly and wear often. Hold onto those pieces. For the garments you no longer wear that are gently worn, set them aside to sell online. The money you make from these items is perfect for investing in quality garments for your wardrobe. Finally, there are those garments that are well-loved and not up to consignment standards. This is your donate pile. Drop these off at the charity of your choice. For clothing that is damaged beyond wear, get creative and up-cycle them to something else.
Arguably, the most important tip is to find a style that is all your own.
Forgo the seasonal trends and style labels, and look for more timeless pieces that make you feel your most authentic self. Begin by asking reflective questions: What do I want my clothes to say about me? What fabrics and fits do I feel most comfortable wearing? What colours, patterns, and accessories bring out my true self and best complement my personality? It’s essential to feel confident and comfortable in the clothing we wear.
Learn to identify quality clothing.
Small details like: patterns that match at the seams, quality of the clothing hardware and fabric speak of thoughtful design and a higher quality product. By investing in quality apparel which, if maintained well, can last years, you eventually end up saving more money than putting your money continuously in fast fashion that has a shorter life span. It always is the smarter choice.
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