Many people adopt minimalism as a way of life; however, it isn't an easy transition to make. It's imperative that we have control on what and how we consume things - whether it is digital content to tangible goods. Minimalism is nothing more but consuming only that which is necessary.
Sometimes it is tempting to buy that one jacket that everyone seems to have from that one store that everyone shops at, but stop. Think about where you are putting your money. Will you wear that jacket everywhere? Will it go with most of your closet? Is it a style that will look outdated in six months? Will it fall apart after a few wears? It's easy to fall into the fast fashion trap, especially with today's digital lifestyle.
The biggest possible deterrent while building a minimalist wardrobe is the cost. Quality apparel has a much higher price tag than it's fast fashion counterparts, which makes sense because ethical clothing companies use lasting fabrics and pay their workers fair wages. It can be less daunting if you change the way you approach your purchases. Remember you're shopping for quality, rather than quantity. Start small by saving for those big ticket items like high-end denims or a winter coat. Alternatively, thrift stores and secondhand websites are great for finding those really rare, vintage pieces.
Once you have a few quality pieces in your wardrobe, you want to ensure that you are cleaning and storing them with care. This will not only protect your garments from accidental damage, but will allow you to wear them for years to come!
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