Most of us have probably traded our pantsuits for pyjamas over the last few weeks. None of us have any idea when things will return to normal, or what the new normal even is! Having a few essentials in your closet will make it easier to adapt to new routines and perhaps even strengthen morale. These pieces are the building blocks of our closets - with them we can build an array of looks that makes day-to-day dressing infinitely easier.


A good pair of jeans are the holy grail of any wardrobe. Investing in the perfect pair of jeans may take a bit of time and patience, but it has a huge payoff. Buying jeans is more about knowing your body shape and proportions, rather than sizing. Take some time to understand the shape of your body and what styles suit you best. Finding the right pair of jeans can unlock an unlimited variety of style options.


The younger, cooler cousin of the little black dress, the white button-down, is a universal must-have. It can take you to meetings and see you through commutes, or accompany you to an intimate dinner and see you all the way through the night. The insanely versatile white shirt can be timeless, chic, and your best friend. The only thing that matters is how you style it.


Whether or not you typically wear heels, do yourself a favour and invest in a pair of black pumps - you never know when you might need that kick of confidence! Completing a look with a pair of black pumps not only helps streamline the outfit, but also gives you a boost. Even if you aren't used to wearing them, high heels needn't be intimidating. Try and find a pair that is neat, sturdy, and comfortable.


We know, we know. Cardigans are dowdy. But hear us out. A cardigan has multiple uses. Not only will it ward off the chill, but it can be used for effortless layering and even as a statement piece. For those who love to experiment with their looks or even the ones who want to learn how to layer, we think cardigans an essential part of every closet.


Because is there anything more timeless or flattering? Who would have ever thought that a simple length of fabric would be so imperative to any Indian woman's wardrobe? The sari can be humble or glamorous. Easy-going or strict. Fresh or nostalgic. You can experiment with drapes, blouses, accessories - the ideas are endless and evolving. But the one thing that remains constant is the sari.
Now that we've talked about our wardrobe must-haves, it's time to talk about that corner in the back of your closet. You know, the one where you stuff your ratty tee-shirts, or those jeans that you swore you'd fit into? A lot can be said about the items of clothing you can do without - from that pair of jeans you have to stuff yourself into, or those uncomfortable pair of shoes that give you a shoe-bite every time.
But if you have to do without any one thing from your closet, we think it's the one that doesn't make you feel your best. Whether the colour is unflattering or it's ill-fitted or you just feel bad looking at it, we think holding on to any piece of clothing that chips away at your self-confidence must go. Every piece of clothing should make you feel more like yourself and spark joy in your life. So, shop smart!
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