As concerns pile up over fashion’s carbon footprint, and the idea of purging your wardrobe has swept the world by storm, a lot of people are turning to thrift stores and vintage shops to buy and sell their clothing. For many, vintage stores and flea markets have always held a kind of exotic and exciting allure.

The thrill of finding something precious or rummaging through a pile of clothing to discover something prized has added an exciting edge to shopping. It’s no wonder some people have turned to exclusively shopping at vintage shops. The charm of owning something singular, the romance of the history behind the garment, and the idea of having something that adds character to your wardrobe have infused beauty into shopping second-hand.

As people start looking at fashion with a more responsible eye, we thought it’s be appropriate to give you a few of our tips on shopping vintage




You may have heard it before, but we’re going to say it anyway. Knowing yourself, understanding your personality, likes, and dislikes makes things a million times easier. Knowing leads to acceptance, and eventually to confidence. It helps you build a unique identity and personality. And once you’ve figured that out, everything you do works toward enhancing those qualities.

If you’re quiet and reserved, for example, outrageous clothes or wearing something that draws a lot of attention may make you feel uncomfortable and out of place. Or perhaps you’re creative. Extending that creativity to your clothing can be a form of expression for you.

Knowing yourself means knowing exactly what you want to buy, which will keep you from getting overwhelmed while shopping.



If knowing yourself gives you an idea of what you want, knowing your wardrobe will give you an idea of what you need.

Identifying gaps in your wardrobe, understanding what you have and what is missing will make it easier to narrow down what is needed.

This will ensure that you don't pick up an outfit that you can't wear anywhere or doesn't go with anything in your wardrobe. You can make a calculated purchase, not an impulsive one.




While shopping second-hand may be a new concept for some, vintage stores and clothing rental companies have been around for a while.

The idea of finding an article of clothing that is no longer available anywhere is, one that has a history, is appealing to a lot of people. Additionally, it gives you a chance to invest in luxury brands at a fraction of the cost.

Once you shift your point of view, shopping for gently-worn clothing becomes a treasure hunt - a fun and exciting prospect of discovering something new.



Any kind of shopping requires patience. Finding something you love, that looks good on you, and is within your budget can take long.

Vintage shopping is slightly harder because every piece is exclusive and singular. Sometimes things like sizing and fit can get in the way of your purchase.

However, you should stay calm and patient. Buying anything that you aren't a hundred percent happy with, will lead to regret. Eventually you will find something that ticks all the boxes. Just wait.





It's hard to ignore the fact that gently-worn clothing has been owned by another before you. But who’s to say that the clothes you buy at the mall are untouched? They’ve probably been tried on at least a couple dozen times.

It isn’t easy to get over, we know. But keeping an open mind can only lead to good things. Choosing to overlook the fact that the clothes have been pre-owned could lead you to discover an exciting array of choices that you would never have had before.

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