Wasting closet space on impractical items has to be a criminal offence. We think now is the perfect time to do a bit of purging from our wardrobes. With everyone looking to use their time productively, we think it’s wise to think about carefully editing your wardrobe to suit your needs. Think of yourself as the curator of your wardrobe – choose your most treasured pieces, the ones that make you feel special, the ones that comfort you, and get rid of the rest.

Here are five things that you should remove from your closet now


Cold-shouldered tops, can-cans and other trend-based clothing

We hate most trends. There. We said it. The truth is, trends like cold-shouldered tops and can-can lehengas look good on a very small number of people. For the rest of us, these clothes do nothing but highlight problem areas and make us feel bad for not having the build to carry it off.

And since they’re meant to be obsolete by next season, they aren’t made with the best quality material or workmanship. They’ve had a good run, but it’s time we recognize trend-based shopping for what it really is – a small blip that’ll be gone in the blink of an eye.


Faded Dresses


Sometimes, for whatever reason, we hold onto clothes that are way past their prime. Dresses and kurtas, especially in printed cottons, tend to fade over time and look worn out. Yes, they may be comfortable and easy, but they also look sloppy and out of shape. So, either reserve these for the house or retire them forever.


Extra Bags


We know a lot of you bag-fiends may disagree, but we think that one bag (or two, if you want to stretch it) is enough for one woman. For starters, it’s never an enjoyable task to switch all your stuff from one bag to the other. You certainly aren’t changing bags every day, and if you are, then you’re bound to lose an item amongst all this shuffling. And you can only use one bag at a time, anyway!

So, ditch the excess baggage (literally!).


Uncomfortable Shoes

Life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes. And if you spend all day running around in shoes that hurt, you’re going to be miserable. As a rule, invest in good quality for anything that comes between you and the ground – like your shoes, your bed, or your tyres.

We have all been swayed by pretty shoes and, even with the sales staff’s innumerable assurances that they will get more comfortable, we’ve mostly found ourselves limping home at the end of a long night.

Do your feet a favour and buy a comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear daily.


Things that no longer fit

Possibly the worst of the lot, clothes that no longer fit only stay in our closets as an awful reminder of everything we aren’t. So, if you’ve outgrown those pair of jeans or that steal of a dress, it’s time to let them go. Don’t hang on to them in an attempt motivate yourself to fit into them. Trust us, you’ll feel better if you simply remove them from your closet.


That’s it from us for five things we can all do without in our closet. But we’d like to leave you with two things that we think everybody must own:

A kurta that can be dressed up or down

We’re love kurtas – they’re elegant, comfortable, and seriously underrated. A stylish kurta that can easily be worn to work and blends in easily for impromptu meetings or later for an after-work party are the real heroes of our wardrobe. Feminine enough to make us feel pretty and comfortable enough to work with, we think a good kurta is necessary in every Indian woman’s wardrobe.


A Signature Accessory

With accessories, less is definitely more. Rather than buying multiple belts, or shoes, or necklaces, try instead to invest in a few good quality pieces. Like a belt that goes with your whole wardrobe or a signature neck piece that functions as a conversation starter. It’ll serve as a memorable item that’s uniquely yours.

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