A wardrobe staple in every Indian woman’s closet, the kurta never gets enough credit. Comfortable, forgiving, and an instant mood-elevator – the kurta is seriously underrated. Feeling bloated? The kurta will take care of it. Too hot for jeans? Go for a kurta and cotton pajamas. Need a little pick-me-up? Find your favourite kurta, swipe on some kohl and there you go! Mood instantly improved.

Even with a garment that is so forgiving, there are certain tips and tricks one can keep in mind to find the perfect kurta. Here are three tips from us to find a kurta that’ll suit you best.



One of the key factors to finding a kurta that looks great is the length. Look for long and slim silhouettes to create the illusion of length. Taller women can easily carry off the drama that comes with a long and drapey kurta. Short kurtas tend to cut the body off at weird places, like mid-thigh or just above the knee. Be wary of these lengths. Unless you have a very specific body type, they’re going to make you look short and stocky.

As a general rule of thumb, the longer the kurta, the taller you’ll look. So, pick wisely!



Fabric can be a tricky issue with kurtas. While there’s a wider selection of silhouettes available in synthetic and semi-synthetic materials, the comfort and ease of cotton and linen kurtas is simply irresistible. Especially in hot and humid climates, it’s best to stick with natural fabrics (cottons and linens for the day, and cotton-silks and silks for more formal events).

Synthetic fabrics, if they’re of poor quality, will lose shape over time. Apart from that, they also are not breathable and generally retain moisture and odour, which is never a desirable trait.



One of the most appealing things while shopping for kurtas, is the sheer volume of print and colour we get to see. From digital or block prints in a variety of colours and shapes, there’s a kurta for every occasion. While we do suggest basic, well-tailored kurtas in solid colours which are infinitely more versatile, there is a certain charm in print.

Small, subtle prints are great for work. They add a bit of interest without overwhelming the look. Big, bold prints (if strategically placed) can be great statement pieces for the evening. Of course, try and pick prints that complement your structure. It has to be a delicate balance of size, shape, and colour, but with a little thought and effort, you’re sure to find the right print.


Finding a kurta is easy, but finding the right kurta is a bit trickier, but so much more satisfying. Keep our 3 simple tips in mind when shopping for a kurta next and make the most of this underappreciated garment.

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